Redefining Ministry

Welcome to The Prayer Box

Hi Friends! We are so happy you have found your way to this page.

The Angel Whispers Team is excited to share a new Facebook LIVE, weekly event called The Prayer Box. The Prayer Box will be an opportunity for us to bring the core values of Angel Whispers to life:

LOVE:  Learning how to receive God's love by spending time in prayer.

CULTIVATE:  Teaching and growing conversation skills with God by blending prayer and mindfulness together.

SERVE:  Sharing your story of how God has answered your prayers.

Each week you can submit your prayer requests through email, Facebook or Instagram.  We will print them out and place them into The Prayer Box.

We will be LIVE on Facebook hosting this 15-20 minute event.  We will share a short discussion and then together pray over the prayers each week in The Prayer Box.  Our collective energy will be experienced as we give our concerns, burdens, requests, praise and gratitude to God.  Then during the rest of the week, our team will continue to pray over the box.

If God answered all of the prayers you’ve been praying, what would it look like? Would it change anybody else's world? Would it change yours?

 Here is how to participate:

a.     Send in your prayer requests.

b.     We will print them and place them in the prayer box.

c.     We will gather as a community to pray together LIVE on Facebook.

d.     Then as a community, we will sit in silence as we meditate and hold space for God to reveal Himself.

e.     Our AW team will continue to pray over the box until our next gathering.

f.      We ask you to consider journaling your prayers and keeping notes on how things are shifting or what answers you are receiving. 

g.     Together we will redefine how we spend time in prayer. We encourage you not to dwell on IF your prayers are answered, but ask that you bring to your awareness HOW they are being answered or HOW your life is shifting when you spend time in prayer.

h.     We encourage you to pray big, bold, daring, passionate, vulnerable and authentic prayers.

i.      We invite you to pray for others outside of your own personal circle.  You are welcome to pray for any situation, anywhere in the world.

j.      We hope you are inspired to share your stories about how you or someone you prayed for had their prayers answered.  Perhaps some of you are “Living, walking miracles”.  Email us your stories or experiences and let us know if it's ok to share that story on a blog.  


Our own prayer is that we inspire you to pray with your mind, body and spirit.  We pray that you experience a moment with God first hand!  You may find the Creator answers you in ways you are not expecting, nevertheless you will receive an answer. God wants to be in a relationship with you and pour His goodness on you.  So my friends, pray, be still and take the limits off of God by removing any expectations.  

Be sure to join us!  We will post the day and time each week on Facebook and Instagram.